How does it work?

AriaMus is a rich VIRTUAL CATALOG of transcripts available to musicians and music students. New songs are added to the catalog every day. All material published on the site is reviewed by expert conductors, ensuring outstanding credibility to all content.
Our site works as follows: Unlike other sites selling single scores for small fortunes, our website works with a SUBSCRIPTION system, which follows the trend of large international companies such as Netflix and Spotify. For a small fee, you have access to all the scores on our website, with unlimited downloads and online viewing. By subscribing, you will automatically become a PREMIUM USER, and be able to access as many scores as you want, 24 hours a day, anywhere!


If you are a student or teacher at an accredited music school, you may have unlimited access to all scores for free. Talk to your school office and request your PREMIUM access.

Below some of the many resources our website has:

Most of the scores at AriaMus are produced by expert conductors part of our own team, ensuring 100% fidelity and high quality for the material created. In fact, most of the revenue arising from subscriptions at the AriaMus is reinvested in the production of more scores, consequently, the greater the number of subscribers, the greater the productivity of our expert conductors and the more music that can be published daily.
The score catalog at AriaMus has around 30,000 titles, however, it may be that you need a score that is not in our collection. No worries! We are here to solve your problems! As a PREMIUM user you can access the "Suggest a Score" page and suggest new titles for our team. We cannot guarantee that all orders will be accepted, but we do guarantee that all material created by our conductors and published on our website strictly follows the list of suggestions from our users.
Our PREMIUM subscribers have the ability to create a "Playlist". A Playlist works like the old paper "Music Folder". After you create a playlist and you may add as many scores as you want to it, which will make it easier when you're playing and want to quickly locate your scores. If you are a music teacher, this feature can also be very useful, as you can group your students' favorite songs into different playlists, also making it easier when you need to present a new song during class.

In addition, you can easily share your playlists, also follow and view playlists from fellow users in the website.
Do you know when you're browsing a website for sheet music and scores, and start liking a lot of songs, but at that time you can't play any? We are musicians ourselves, and we go through this same feeling, just like you. With that in mind, we created the " Favorite Songs " section. As you browse along the website, you can click on songs and add them to your favorites section. Later, when you want to play them, all the songs you selected will be gathered in the same place, making it easier and convenient to access them.
If you urgently need a score and it is not in our catalog, you can choose to hire one of our expert conductors to produce it for you. Obviously, because this is a personalized and urgent job, there is a fee involved. All scores we produce to order have a lifetime guarantee, that is, any time you feel the need for a correction or alteration in the arrangement, just ask our team.
PREMIUM users can send scores to our conductors so that they can be reviewed free of charge and published to our website.